Friday, September 25, 2009

Jew Watch accuses Zionists of collaberating with the Nazis and implies that Hitler was a "Jewish occupied government''

Looking at the top of the page, you see it labeled "Jewish occupied governments". On the top it says "Germany" and "Hitler/Jewish support". So it implies that Hitler was a "Jewish occupied government" despite the fact that Hitler sought to kill all of the Jewish people and killed 6 million Jews in the process. Jew Watch claims that the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis and cut and pasted a favorable review of a book that makes that allegation. The ridiculous notion that Jews collaborated with Nazis was promoted Mahmoud Abbas, who is now currently President of the Palestinian Authority. There are problems with that analysis. First off, Zionists fought the Nazis in order to rescue the Jews. Look at the story of Hanneh Sanesh. She was kidnapped and killed by the Nazis when she made an attempt to rescue Jews in then Nazi-occupied Hungary. She was form the Haggannah, the main Zionist force that was succeeded by the IDF [Israel Defense Forces], which is the army of the State of Israel. Second off, it was Arabs nationalists and radical Muslims [that is those who opposed the creation of a Jewish state on the Land of Israel] who collaborated with the Nazis. Arab nationalists movements like the Baath party and free Officers got many symbols from the Nazis. the Muslim Brotherhood was also influenced by the Nazis. And don't forget Hajj Amin al-Husseini, who was the most notorious Nazi collaborator in the Arab world. Al-Husseini was the father of the Palestinian terrorist cause and was the Arab leader of the British Mandate Palestine [as well as at least a member of the "Palestinian" faction of the Muslim Brotherhood]. He supported Hitler's Holocaust and said to "kill the Jews wherever you find them". And in 2002, then PA [Palestinian Authority] president Yasser Arafat called Amin Al-Hussieni "our hero".
So Zionists opposed Hitler and fought against him. It was Arab nationalists and radical Muslims who collaborated with Hitler. This just goes to show the distortions from the anti-Semitic crapheads at Jew Watch.

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