Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jew Watch promotes the idea of Jewish "mind control"

 The anti-Semitic bigots at Jew Watch promote the false idea of Jewish mind control and list ideoogies and institutions where the anti-Semitic idiots say that Jews control. Here's their list:

Well, Judaism is the religion of the Jews. First off, Jews don't have a film or press monopoly [it's not even worth my time refuting that, since any sane person can tell you that]. Jews don't have any monetary control [also as any sane person can tell you]. Yes, there are Jews who work for those ideologies and institutions. Jews, like any other race, have different political opinions form each other. People, regardless of what race they are, act in what they see as their own self-interests and/or on their beliefs. Also, there is a growing amount of anti-Semitism in the Marxist movement. I'm right-wing and anti-Communist. The people at Jew Watch are anti-Semitic idiots, as any sane person can see. I created this blog in order to hassle and refute the idiots on Jew Watch [there are still  nuts who believe in these idiotic conspiracy theories]. Also, on the Jewish IQ thing, regardless if that is true or not, it's not because of any wacky Jewish "conspiracy", as the hate mongers on Jew Watch would want you to believe.

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