Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jew Watch promotes Holocaust Denial site

On Jew Watch, I clicked on a link in the special interest section that stated "30 Research Holocaust videos-click". It takes you to the Holocaust denial site It says that the videos have been moved to [although when providing the link, it is spaced]. It still shows the Holocaust denying videos and has a manifesto [same thing if you click on the link ""]. This site has a manifesto below that only a piece of despicable filth could write. It claims that the Holocaust is a hoax and that is it an excuse used for militarism and for military solutions. This manifesto claims:
Because the holocaust myth was never exposed, the masses never lost their gullibility and are easily manipulated for pro-war purposes.

How can you expose something as a myth if it isn't a myth? The Holocaust is a well-known genocidal event and it shows that this world would be a better place if Nazis are exterminated. This manifesto denies that there are evil people and complains that the Holocaust is being used to say that there are evil people This manifesto claims:
The good/evil narrative of WWII is a blur with the good/evil narrative of so many bad movies, t.v. shows, and reportage. Things become more and more like the movie Idiocracy, and fitting that the ending of that movie involves a dumbed-down explanation of World War II. In reality people aren't really "evil" --there's just the challenge of understanding why people do what they do. The holocaust myth holds up the conception of Evil itself.

Evil does exist. Islamo-Fascism and Nazism are the biggest forms of evil. Holocaust denial represents a form of evil. This manifesto lists a list of wars that the Holocaust is allegedly used to justify. It complains that the Holocaust is a cornerstone of Zionist colonialism. Wrong! Zioonism is not a colonialist movement. It is a national liberation movement of the Jewish people that expresses the desire for Jews to return to their historic homeland. The Holocuast isn't a "dumbed down explanation of WWII". This manifesto keeps on emphasizing the false claim that the Holocaust is a "myth". The Holocaust was the worst event in WWII and one of the most ruthless genocides. It has been proven again and again. There are pictures of the extermination camps and as documentary proof, as well as proof in articles, that the Holocaust happened. And Holocaust survivors speak out. They still have the tattoos even today. Every decent person knows that the Holocaust happened. We just have these pieces of filth who say otherwise, and by denying the Holocaust; they assault basic history. This manifesto concludes:
It's time to move beyond the myth. 
No it isn't time to move beyond the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a horrible genocide and always has to be remembered for the rest of human history. The Holocaust is an event that mankind should commemorate.
By the way, it must be nice for this Holocaust denial screed to be promoted by an anti-Semitic hate site Jew Watch, the very site that this blog is monitoring.

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