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Jew Watch: Goldstein acted out of the deepest parts of the Zionistic ideology to eradicate the Arab presence by massacring Arabs in the Hebron mosque

Jew Watch published a post that used the fanatical terror attack committed by Goldstein in order to further their vile agenda against Jews and Zionists. Jew Watch reports:
On the night of February 25th 1994, a Jewish American Zionist physician decided to materialize the dream of the typical Zionist movement of annihilating the Arab existence in Palestine. Baruch Goldstein prepared for the move. It was during Ramadan when Dr. Goldstein decided to execute his old plan of vengeance.
Actually, the Zionist movement doesn't have any dream of "annihilating the Arab existence in Palestine". In fact, all branches of Zionism promoted peaceful coexistence with the Arabs. Jewish settlers understood that their rebuilding of Palestine benefited Arabs as well as Jews. In fact, thanks to the hard work of Jewish settlers in rebuilding the land, more Arabs from the surrounding areas came. In fact, the quality of life for Arabs actually improved. Even after the creation of Israel, there was an increase of the Arab population. There was also an increase of the Arab population in the disputed territories from Israel's victory from the 1967 war all the way up to the Oslo "peace" process. Under Israeli rule, the territories were the fourth fastest growing economy and the only time Arabs there actually got a taste of freedom. In fact, basic nessecities became nearly universal [if not totally universal]. There was also an increase in the Arab population in the disputed territorie when the territories were under Israeli rule. The Israeli "occupation" actually saved Arab lives. Israel fought and nearly [[if not totally] exterminated the diseases that plagued the territories. And Arabs had access to better health care. Israeli hospitals are totally blind on the whether the patient is a Jew or an Arab when it comes to treaitng that person and even has one of the best health care systems.
Jew Watch says the following:
Goldstein passed two army checkpoints at the dawn of February 25, 1994 from the northeastern gate of the mosque near privy. That privy could be the reason why Goldstein decided on that gate because he, probably, received his contemplation about Arabs from the Rabbis of Kach in Kiryat Arab where the Arabs were described as the demons of the privy. [Talmud - Mas. Kiddushin 72a ''Shew me the Ishmaelites.'-'They are like the demons of the privy.''] The privy of the mosque is important not only because it has two Israeli army checkpoints on its nearby mosque's gate, but also because it is surrounded by Israeli army posts from the east and army patrols in the west. So Dr. goldstein was acting from the deepest parts of the Zionistic ideology in liquidating the demons. 
So this even quotes the Talmud to "prove" that Jews are racist toward Arabs. I'm a secular non-observant Jew. Although I'm also a right-wing Jewish nationalist, but not a Kahanist.  Here's what Werner Cohn says about the Talmud:
There are gravely offensive passages in the Talmud. (And there are, as we know from our most recent history, some Jewish fringe groups who interpret traditional Jewish writings in a hateful, xenophobic manner.) Eisenmenger did not distort the Talmud, but he interpreted it maliciously. There are many mutually contradictory passages in the Talmud, and a great deal depends on methods of interpretation. The rabbis have never allowed the immoral Talmudic interpretations which Eisenmenger and his followers attribute to Judaism. Moreover, the Talmud is not unique in containing offensive material. As many scholars have pointed out, a hostile commentator could easily produce a Christianity Revealed to provide a basis for a (similarly unjustified) anti-Christian campaign. The problem of hostile Talmud interpretation is very thoroughly discussed in the first chapter of the scholarly work by Jacob Katz, From Prejudice to Destruction. Anti-Semitism, 1700-1933. Those sufficiently interested in this area to read Shahak should also take a look at Katz.
I was recently curious to learn how Talmudic teachings concerning non-Jews are actually transmitted to our generation of Jews. The Encyclopedia Talmudica, founded by Rabbi Meyer Berlin (Bar-Ilan), has a full discussion (volume 1, pp. 274-5). This source teaches that non-Jews are to be loved in the same manner as Jews; in particular, robbing a non-Jew is the same as robbing a Jew; the non-Jewish sick are to be visited just as the Jewish sick; and so forth. All this is in very direct contradiction to the assertions by Dr. Shahak, who tells us, over and over, that all religious Jews teach hatred (and worse) of non-Jews.

There are plenty of violent verses from the Koran, which are used by the dominant currents in the Arab and Muslim world to support the terrorist Jihad on the west. Again, Goldstein did not act out of Zionist ideology when he massacred the innocent Arabs. He was a fringe fanatic. Mainstream Zionists condemned his terror attack. The Israeli government, mainstream Israeli society, and most Jews condemned his vicious terrorist attack. In fact, then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin called Goldstein's terror attack "a loathsome, criminal act of murder".

  Jew Watch, being the hateful anti-Semitic site that it is, refused to mention how the Palestinian Authority praises suicide bombings and the constant incitement promoted by the PA as well as the Hamas regime in Gaza. Jew Watch doesn't mention how suicide bombers are portrayed as holy Islamic martyrs in Palestinian society. Posters of suicide bombers hang in streets, homes, schools and are sold in shops. There are cards and trinkets of them. In fact, Palestinian textbooks and media portray them as heroic martyrs, portrays terrorism as heroic resistance and calls for driving Israel off the map. Zionists don't seek to liquidate Arabs. It's the other way around. It's the Palestinian leadership, Palestinian terrorists and other Arab and Muslim leaders that seek to eliminate Israel and to drive the Jews from their historic homeland. Islamic terrorism is an expression of Arab and Muslim societies while Jewish terrorism is severely condemned by mainstream Israeli society, most Jews and by the Israeli government. After all, it was the Zionists who accepted the 1947 UN partition plan and it was the Arab states and the Arab leadership that rejected it. Israel was invaded one day after it was declared independent, even while the Israeli Declaration of Independence, read by the first Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, said the following about Arabs:
WE APPEAL - in the very midst of the onslaught launched against us now for months - to the Arab inhabitants of the State of Israel to preserve peace and participate in the upbuilding of the State on the basis of full and equal citizenship and due representation in all its provisional and permanent institutions.
WE EXTEND our hand to all neighbouring states and their peoples in an offer of peace and good neighbourliness, and appeal to them to establish bonds of cooperation and mutual help with the sovereign Jewish people settled in its own land. The State of Israel is prepared to do its share in a common effort for the advancement of the entire Middle East. 
These important facts are omitted by hate groups like Jew Watch.
Jew Watch blames everything on Zionists and on the Israeli "occupation":
There were many massacres in the history of Hebron and Jews happened to be the victims of the 1929 massacre which was committed by Arabs. But aside from numbers and ratios, there was the unique difference in all the massacres. Zionists very much planned in advance for each and every massacre. The 1929 massacre against Jews was an irrational reaction of the news coming from Jerusalem that Jews raided Muslim sites. There is no need to stress the fact that from the Jewish neighborhoods in Iraq to those in Poland, Zionists provoked local people to invite them to oppress innocent Jews to force Jews to come to Palestine.
It does not appear that the Hebron massacre will be the last one. Muslims and Jews are and will remain candidates for victimization. But the cause will always be the same:- The Nazi style laws of the Zionists occupation in Palestine.
Ahh, so lets just blame the Jews because it's all their fault. Those dang Jews! Anyway, notice how all Jewish [or alleged] acts of aggression are well planned out acts of evil while Arab aggression are portrayed as simply irrational reactions to those evil Jews. Anyway, the 1929 Hebron massacre was an anti-Semitic attack on Jews in Hebron. It was led by Amin al-Husseini, who was basically Hitler's best friend in the Arab and Muslim world. Al-Husseini said on Berlin radio to "kill the Jews wherever you find them", led tow Bosnian Muslim SS divisions, and was in the forefront in bringing Nazi propaganda into the Arab and Muslim world.  He even encouraged Hitler to set up extermination camps for the Jews in Palestine and even prevented Holocaust survivors from reaching Palestine.
Also, Zionists did not "provoke" local people anywhere. Zionism was founded as a national liberation movement as a reaction to the constant persecution and attacks that Jews put up with for thousands of years. The land of Israel has been the historic homeland of the Jewish people. The idea of returning and rebuilding Israel has been at the core of Jewish identity. Even throughout the Diaspora, there was still a Jewish presence on the land. Zionism was a movement to realize that noble dream of the Jewish people and to provide a safe haven for Jews. The Holocaust proved how urgent it was for Jews to have a homeland of their own.
The conflict between Muslims and Jews is blamed on "The Nazi style laws of the Zionists occupation in Palestine". However, if this page means the occupation of territory Israel gained in 1967 [it probaly includes Israel proper as part of the "occupation"], then it is obviously wrong since the conflict was there way before the "occupation" came about. The root cause of the conflict is the refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist and the constant genocidal terrorism that Israel deals with.
The Israeli "occupation" is nowhere close to Nazi-like. Nazis sought to annihilate Jews everywhere. The Israeli "occupation" is not even illegal. Israel has legitimate claims to the territories. Israel has security-related claims, historical claims and legal claims. If Israel leaves the territories, then they turn into a terror base, since it would be the rejectionist terrorists, not the innocent Palestinians, who gains control. Israel has historical claims, since it was part of the historic Jewish homeland and inhabited by Jews for thousands of years until being expelled in 1948 by the genocidal Arab invaders. Israel has legal claims since Israel won them from a war of self defense. So it is disputed territories. Resolution 242, which is the consensus for a peace solution, states that the territories would be administered by Israel until their fate is decided through negotiations. Plus, as I said, Israeli rule in the territories was pretty much the only time when the inhabitants there got a taste of freedom. For Palestinians were perfectly able to challenge Israeli policy in her Supreme Court, which at times, rules in favor of the Palestinian plaintiffs. Nothing like that happened under Nazi rule, where dissident was oppressed and where Jews were killed for being Jews. As stated before, the Arab population in the territories increased under Israeli rule thanks to Israeli policy. But the Jewish population decreased during the Nazi era. So "the Nazi style laws of the Zionists occupation in Palestine" is totally imaginary. The fact is that Israel has shown that it is willing to end its "occupation" for peace. There was a history of Israel proposing of embarking on territorial compromises in the hope of getting peace. A few months after the Six Day War, Israel offered to give up most [if not all] of the territories she won in the 1967 war. The Arab states said,"No peace. No negotiations. No recognition". There are plenty more cases. At Camp David in 2000, Israel offered to give the Palestinians a state on 97% of what they claim they want. But Yasser Arafat, then the President of the Palestinian Authority, said no and walked away. The Nazis sought world domination for an Aryan empire and would never have even thought of giving up territory. Whereas Israel won land from a war of self-defense, the Nazis won land through their illegal invasions.
In fact, the real Nazis are not Israel, but Israel's enemies, which collaborated with the Nazis. After WWII, many Nazis escaped justice and went to Arab countries. There, they joined in in spewing vile anti-Semitic incitement that called [and calls] for killing Jews and for annihilating Israel. Many Nazis served in high positions in Arab governments. The real Nazis are Israel's enemies, not Israel.
There are only very few acts of Jewish aggression, all of which is condemned by Israeli society, the Israeli government, by most Jews, and by the dominant currents of Judaism. Whereas there is countless acts of terrorism against Israel. The Arab and Muslim world celebrates the terrorists as heroic martyrs. There are countless Islamic terrorist acts. And the terrorists are celebrated as heroic Jihadist fighters and as martyrs.

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