Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jew Watch cites a 1919 article to deny the Holocaust

 Jew Watch cites an article written in 1919 in order to spread their vile Holocaust denying agenda:

You heard about the Holocaust in which 6 million Jews were killed in Nazi Death Camps. Did you hear about the "threatened holocaust" of 6 million Jews about 20 years earlier?
Probably not, even though a former Governor of New York wrote about it in 1919, because that early holocaust never became a best-seller.
In Glynn's article, we find that World War I ended "for everybody, but the Jew."
Glynn encourages the League of Nations to bring peace to the world, and he wants to "give justice to the Jew and other oppressed peoples".
However, this threatened Holocaust of 6 million Jews never became popular with the American or European public. Perhaps this is why the Zionists staged a new and improved version of the 6 million Holocaust during World War II. In this revised Holocaust, they made sure that some of the 6 million Jews were killed. This turned out to be the key to making the Holocaust a phenomenal success.
 Once again, like with the maps of how much land Palestine "lost" [see last post for my response], Jew Watch omits the context. That article was simply a call to end the persecution and attacks Jews put up with. Jews were persecuted for thousands of years and all throughout the Diaspora, even way before the Holocaust happened. Jews kept on suffering attacks, persecution and discrimination. That was the context in which the 1919 article was written. It didn't claim that six million Jews. Although six million Jews did die in Nazi extermination camps in what was [and is] known as the Holocaust. Every decent person knows that.
Also, the Holocaust was not "staged" by Zionists. In fact, Zionists were in the forefront in conducting operations to rescue Jews from Nazi Germany. In fact, Hannah Senesh died in her attempt to rescue Jews from the Nazis. The Holocaust was a real event. There are pictures, museums, documentaries and books n the Holocaust. There are plenty of Holocaust survivors. It's been proven over and over again.
That anti-Semitic Holocaust denying post concludes:
It serves as a lesson in how not to market a Holocaust.
Again, the Nazi Holocaust really did happen. That article just reflects on a call to end the persecution, discrimination and attacks on Jews. That article appears below.
This is another example where Jew Watch omits the context in order to further the evil and hateful message. Make no mistake about it. Jew Watch is a propaganda organ for evil!

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